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  • Inquiry Learning Big6-Style: It All Starts with Asking Great Questions! - LMC Webinar by Mike & Bob [Presentation]
  • Introducing the Big6 - A short introduction to the Big6 - used by Mike Eisenberg in 2009. [PPT] [PDF]
  • Big6 (Big6 Model) - Introduction to the Big6 - in Spanish [PPT] [PDF]
  • Power Point For Notetaking - Notetaking in the digital age - using PowerPoint for Big6 4.2 and 5.1  [PPT] [PDF]
  • Big6 Overview 2011 - Setting the scene and the case for essential information & technology skills instruction. [PPT] [PDF]
  • Big6 Zen Overview - A creative overview presentation of the Big6. [PPT] [PDF]
  • Themes of the Big6 - An explanation of how and why the Big6 works - in college and university settings. [PPT] [PDF]
  • The Super3 - Getting students to think of completing tasks as a process is important. It helps them get organized, complete the job, and maintain high standards of quality. The Big6 Information Problem-Solving Process is great - let’s simplify it for young children. [Slideshare]
  • Super3 Dinos - Planasaurus, Doasaurus, and Reviewasaurus are here to teach the Super3! See how Green Bay educators help the youngest students remember the Super3 in a fun way — with Dinosaurs! [PPT] [PDF]


  • Inquiry Learning Big6-Style: It All Starts with Asking Great Questions! - LMC Webinar by Mike & Bob.  Research shows that while good inquiry learning starts with asking good questions, most students find this very difficult to do. Research also shows that students are weakest in their Big6 Stage #1 (Task Definition) skills. In this fast-paced, recorded webinar, Mike Eisenberg and Bob Berkowitz will focus on strategies for improving students' question-formulation and other task definition skills for effective inquiry learning as well as success in any kind of learning approach or assignment.
  • Big6 by the Month: Revise and Reflect, 01/20/12 - In Big6 by the Month: Revise and Reflect, presenters encourage attendees to ask questions and share comments about using Big6 by the Month in their schools. Mike Eisenberg, Big6 co-creator, and experts Murray and Bartow share professional experiences and suggest ways to improve stakeholder understanding to achieve a defined, predictable, measured and reported system for teaching essential information literacy skills.
  • Big6 by the Month - Preview Webinar - 2011 - A preview of the Big6 by the Month program - comprehensive information and technology literacy for K-12 students. Big6 by the Month = information and technology literacy that is defined, predictable, measured, and reported. 
  • Big6 Basics Webinar - 1 hour introductory webinar by Professor Mike Eisenberg, co-creator of the Big6 approach to information literacy.
  • Big6: Breaking down your assignment - and Travis discuss the assignment. From the full length video - Solving Information Problems the Big6 Way - available from Amazon.
  • Big6: Location and Access - Bobby learns a few hints to improve his internet search skills. From the full length video - Solving Information Problems the Big6 Way - available from Amazon.
  • Big6: Breaking down your assignment - Bobby and Travis discuss his assignment. From the full length video - Solving Information Problems the Big6 Way - available from Amazon.
  • The Big6 with Susan Grigsby - Teacher-Librarian explains the Big6 research process then demonstrates a simple way in which students already use the process in their everyday lives. Made in 2002 for a professional development class, this video won best in class.
  • Big6 Research - A funny, short animationcreated by students from the Lincoln Tech School on why it is important to learn the Big6 research process

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