Big6 in Action: Evaluation

How do you know if the assignments you turn in will be just what your teacher wants? Most students just finish an assignment and turn it in without checking their work to see if they have done everything needed to get the best grade. Therefore, they may leave off an important part of the assignment or be content to turn in average work.

Get ahead of the class by using these simple checklists to make your best grades yet!

For the best results, look at the checklist before you start the assignment and before you turn it in.

These checklists are in PDF format. You will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer before you can open them.

1a. Checklist for Evaluating a Writing Assignment. Grades 7 – 12

1b. Checklist for Evaluating a Writing Assignment. Grades 3 – 6

If you want to do your best writing ever, use the Writing Assignment Organizer to help you plan and write a great paper! It also includes a checklist.

2. Checklist for Evaluating a Science Fair Project

Need help to get started on your science fair project? Use the handy Science Fair Project Organizer to help you find ideas and plan your project all the way through presenting your results, including the evaluation of your work.

3. Checklist for Completing Any Assignment

Use this checklist before you turn in your work, to help you get your best grades on any assignment.

4. Checklist for Evaluating the Big6 Process

How do you know if you defined the task or if you have selected the right materials? Use this checklist to make sure that you are successful with every step of the information search process.