Game: Match the Big6™ (grades 3 – 6)

Match the Big6 and test your problem solving power!

Directions for preparing and playing the Big6 matching game.

Gather: 3 pieces of construction paper, blunt scissors, glue.
Print: these 3 game sheets.

Prepare the game pieces:
1. Cut the game sheets apart on the dotted lines.
2. Cut each piece of construction paper into 4 parts the same size (fold it first, open the page, and cut on the folded lines)
3. Glue each of the game pieces onto the pieces of cut construction paper to make cards. Let them dry.

Play the game:
1. Mix up the cards.
2. Put them face down on a table or the floor. Mix them up again.
3. Turn one over. Turn another over. Does the Big6 Skill match its description? If not, turn them face down again and try again. If you get a match, put the pair–2 cards–to the side. Keep trying until you get six matching pairs.

Have fun!