Maine First Graders Research and Write Books (Grade 1), Big6 eNewsletter 10.3, 4

Author: Erin Ireland

First grade students in Barb Rehmeyer and Erin Ireland’s Stockton Springs, Maine classes use Super3 basics to learn how to find and use information to write books. Part of their first grade curriculum is to “visit” three continents: Asia, Africa, and Europe. They visit Asia last so that the students are able to do the following project.

Super3 Plan:

While in Asia, the students visit Israel. The final project for this visit is a nonfiction book researched and written by each student. The students need to research the following topics to include in their book about Israel:

land and landmarks; school, work, and transportation; food, clothes, and homes; stories and songs; population, size, and flag; title and author’s page.

Super3 Do:

While doing the research, students use a Fact Sheet to write three facts about their topic. After students have found the facts, they need to see their teacher to get the appropriate Super3 sticker to show where their research has come from (even for the author’s page).

After students complete their research stage, they type their information into the Book Template. Students illustrate their information with pictures copied from websites or they draw their own illustrations. Each student receives a colored, bound copy of their finished book to take home.

Super3 Review:

Ireland and Rehmeyer have not developed a formal rubric for this project because they don’t feel one is needed for this grade level. The book template spells out exactly what information is expected on each page. The teachers will accept any information the student finds as long as students can show where they found the facts.