Introduction to the Big6: Puzzle Game

Author: Matt Graham 

Big6 games can be used as part of a lesson to teach the Big6 to students. Students use the Big6 process to complete the lesson and learn using electronic puzzles and a quiz. Handouts are provided in PDF for accurate printing. You may send these files directly to the printer to save time. The recommended age for the lesson plan is grade 4 or higher.

Make sure all of your classroom computers have the Flash Player installed. Most of them should already, but if they do not, download and install the player. Test each machine by opening the main game page. If you see the animated roadrunner, Flash is installed. If you cannot see the roadrunner move, use the link near the top of that page to download and install the player. It is a very easy, automated installation process.

Online game “Introduction to the Big6″

The Big6 Puzzle

Lesson Plan

Big6 Student Notes – Handout