Super3 Meets Flat Stanley!

Author: Sue Wurster

I am so lucky because I met the most interesting character – Flat Stanley! He was visiting Seattle (WA) when we met by chance in a popular coffee shop. Stanley had little to say about himself, but after our first meeting I did a little investigation about him.

I learned Stanley is an international traveler! According to the Official Flat Stanley Website, he has met well-known personalities like Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Clint Eastwood and Jon Stewart. He was seen in Whitehouse circles and has had many exciting adventures wherever he goes! He’s quite famous!

Stanley was a perfectly normal boy until he was flattened one day by a bulletin board. Now he travels in flattened fashion from place to place, neatly folded in a regular envelope. I read he even travels by PDF attachment to email sometimes, to save time and money!

He politely watched us savor some foamy cappuccinos and mochas. He wasn’t too busy, so he happily joined our family while we walked to view the Seattle Space Needle. Stanley posed with us for another photo with that well-recognized Seattle landmark! Stanley charmed us with his modest, disarming style!

How Flat Stanley Projects Began

Flat Stanley Projects began as a spin off of the Flat Stanley books by Jeff Brown.

You and your students may participate in a Flat Stanley project too – to learn more, visit the Official Flat Stanley Website. Use a Flat Stanley project to encourage students’ literacy skills, map skills, history, travel planning, and much more.

Of course, the Super3 can help us to Plan, Do and Review our Flat Stanley project. Let’s see how the Super3 strategy will work with Flat Stanley!

Teach the Process: Super3 – Flat Stanley Project Matrix

Here is a guide to help you teach the Super3 to elementary students in the context of a Flat Stanley project. Young students may feel overwhelmed and not sure where to begin a multi-step project. The goal is to help students use a process approach to complete any project.

In this Flat Stanley Matrix, the Super3 Skills appear in the first column. The second column contains examples and suggestions for the type of activities that may fit with the Plan Stage, Do Stage, and Review Stage of the project. You may add or subtract from the items in the list. You may send one Flat Stanley per group of students, or one Flat Stanley per student, depending on the age and ability of your student group.

Student Worksheet – Here is a Flat Stanley Worksheet students may use for a Super3 based Flat Stanley project.

My granddaughter, Katrina, created a Flat Stanley, and her school project became a really fun family activity. I asked her to share what she remembered about doing this project. Here are her comments:

“I am a Fourth grader now but when I was in second grade I made a Flat Stanley. I sent it to my Uncle Don, who lives in Seattle. The difficult part is the waiting! Trust me, I know from experience! The best part was when we found out where all the other Flat Stanleys went to visit.”

Check out the Official Flat Stanley website for project details and support materials. Flat Stanley can be an interesting travel adventure for your young students, but you could also use the project to teach geography, math, or a number of other subjects – be creative and have fun with it!

Further Reading: Flat Stanley. For history and links to more project ideas.

The Official Flat Stanley Project Website. An international literacy and communications activity for primary and junior students, teachers and families.

Flat Stanley artwork created by Katrina Myers.