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You can do BIG things with Big6 Skills! Big6 is a six-stage model to help anyone solve problems or make decisions by using information. Some call it information literacy, information communication, or ICT skills, or a process, but we call it the Big6.

Using the Big6 information literacy process, you will identify information research goals, seek, use, and assemble relevant, credible information, then to reflect— is the final product effective and was my process efficient. The Big6 information literacy process is completely transferable to any grade level, subject area, or workplace. Big6, state and national instructional standards, and your curriculum all work together hand-in-hand.



Mosaic of Thought and the Big6

Posted by Mike Eisenberg (mike) on Aug 12 2012
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I'm learning about Keene and Zimmerman's "Mosaic of Thought" reading comprehension approach. It looks excellent and very compatible with the Big6. 

Has anyone used this with the Super3 or Big6?  (I also posted this on the Big6 Facebook page -

Mosaic of Thought is clearly compatible to Big6, directly connected to Big6 #4 - Use of Information: 4.1 Engage, 4.2 Extract.  It also links Use of Informaiton to Task Definition.  I think the Big6 can help students to use the Mosaic of Thought comprehension strategies and tactics in a problem-solving context.

Many teachers use Mosaic of Thought in a mini-lessons approach - 

15 min - mini-lesson modeling a strategy

15 min - meet with small groups for extra guidance and practice.

15 min - one-on-one work with students 

15 min - full class summary and discussion.

I think it would be useful to frame the mini-lesson and specific comprehension strategy in a Big6 context. That is, if students learn the Big6 process, they can relate the comprehension strategy to Big6 #4.1 or 4.2 (or even Task Definition 1.1, if relevant).  They can also assess their degree of expertise in comprehension and the specific strategy under Big6 # 6.2 - Evaluation: Judge the Process.

Again - please share your experiences with Mosaic of Thought or other relevant instructional models.



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