Research About the Big6 and Information Literacy

The Big6 Works: Empirical Evidence from One Middle School’s Experience, Big6 eNewsletter, 11.2.1

Report: Yale University Includes Big6 in Triarchic Instruction Study

The Big Six Information Skills As a Metacognitive Scaffold

Acing the Exam. Bob Berkowitz is tackling one of his favorite topics, high-stakes tests—those thorny competency-based exams that many students must pass before receiving their high school diplomas. Please read the complete article. Source:

The Big6™ and Student Achievement Super3 Action Research Report

Project Information Literacy - Project Information Literacy (PIL) is an extensive information literacy research project, based in the University of Washington's Information School. The researchers are Dr. Alison Head and Mike Eisenberg, co-creator of the Big6. The goal of PIL is to understand how early adults conceptualize and operationalize research activities for course work and "everyday life" use and especially how they resolve issues of credibility, authority, relevance, and currency in the digital age.

Developing Information Literacy Skills Lesson Plans Integrated into the 6th Iranian Primary Science Curriculum based On the Big6 Model - A summary report on an innovative research project by Dr. Fatima Baji from Iran on developing information literacy curriculum based on the Big6, implementing the curriculum lessons, and assessing the results. Dr. Baji is an emerging international figure in information literacy, and we are pleased to present her work here.