Big6 Workshops - Professional Development

Big6 and Super3 Webinar Options

Schedule a customized Big6 or Super3 Webinar for your  school staff. We'll work with you to tailor a program to fit your local needs and attendees.

Interactive, live, personal Big6 and Super3 consultation is as near as your computer screen. Get answers to your questions in real time from Mike Eisenberg, Big6 co-creator, and other Big6 or Super3 content specialists. Our  web-platform session will allow you to view PowerPoint presentations, hear live audio, and interact with presenters. To participate you must have a computer with an Internet connection and phone.

Sample Topics include: 

- Big6 Basics - an overview of Big6, why use it, how to use it, and how to get started.

- Plagiarism - Big6 can guide students to routinely cite sources. Create a culture of citing.

- Note-Taking - Introduction to useful note taking strategies grounded in Big6 frameworks.

- Introduction to the Super3 - Learn to present simple information skills to preK-2 students.

- Helping with Homework - Parents have a guiding role in information literacy skills too.

For Customized Webinars your group,  please contact mike(at)Big6(dot)com;  or call Mike Eisenberg at 206-372-5000.


Learn from a Big6 Trainer OnSite at your school

Immersive Big6 Onsite Workshops are available throughout the year, and we have a range of presenters and pricing to fit almost any situation.

Our Big6 Certified Trainers are have extensive experience in using the Big6 in classrooms and libraries. Each trainer has a portfolio of practical ideas that will help you to quickly put Big6 strategies to work in your school.

Customize your workshop with these popular Big6 related topics:

- Big6 and Technology
- Big6 and State Standards
- Big6 and Instructional Design
- Big6 and Critical Thinking
- Big6 and Assessment
- Big6 and Collaboration
- Big6 and High Stakes Testing and more.

Contact us for price and availability for Big6 Certified Trainers and Super3 Trainers.

For more information e-mail: mike(at)big6(dot)com

Required Text:
Each Big6 workshop attendee must have a copy of the:

"Definitive Big6 Workshop Handbook":

We also highly recommend the following books for supplemental reading and lesson ideas:

"Teaching Information & Technology Skills: Big6 in Elementary Schools" or

"Teaching Information & Technology Skills: Big6 in Secondary Schools"

Student Benefits -- how will students benefit from learning the Big6 strategy?
Educator Benefits -- how will educators benefit from including the Big6 approach?
What other schools in my area use the Big6 approach?

What do people say about Big6 Professional Development?

"Wonderful! You've given me the excitement and confidence in taking this
back to my school and use Big6 effectively."

"The "Big6" experience has been great! I am excited about going back to
school and getting started on this great journey" I feel so much more
confident in training my staff. Thank you for everything..."

"It is amazing how simple this is and yet how powerful. Thank you."

"Good hands on materials to implement my program."

"Thank you! I love the idea of coming back for more and sharing/bringing a

"Your sessions were wonderful..."

"My brain hurts - but with all good ideas!! Thak you so much for all your
hard work and caring. My school will benefit from this workshop!"

"I feel invigorated - wish I could run in to school tomorrow! WOW!"

"This was awesome - I did not want to miss a minute of it ..."

"I feel so motivated to go back and get started. I already know which
teachers will help me implement Big6."

"Excellent, excellent ... all educators should know this stuff! especially
lesson planning and student expectations"

"Today seemed to bring it all together ... can't wait go get back and work
with my peers."

"Love the assessment tools! I think they will be a great way to engage
teachers who are reluctant."

" I needed (Big6) tools and how to use them - I go this!" I needed hope that
I could improve and change - I got it! Thanks, it was wonderful."

". . .I have a much better understanding of Big6 and how to implement it at school. I am excited about going back and implementing what I have learned. Thank you."

"I thought it was very intense and information rich."

"This was an excellent presentation!! The resources were extremely helpful
..." "Keep up the great work!"

"Little steps...big results! Looking forward to a follow-up"

"This is wonderful!!! It helps to meet others and share ideas." "The
practical applications really help. Being able to see it in action is

"Entire workshop was wonderful! There is nothing better than a leader /
practitioner. Information shared was practical and relevant. Group
activities were fun."

"Exciting stuff - lots to think about: connecting with teachers, motivating
students, energizing information literacy skills, overcoming plagiarism,
making the process meaningful!"

"I especially liked "hands-on activities."

"My one wish is that school was starting next week. Thank you thanks you
for two great days. Reading the books and using the website is only part of
the process. Having your perspective in person was the icing on the cake."

"I feel so motivated to go back and get started. I already know which
teachers will help me implement Big6."


For more information, please contact us directly via email: mike(at)Big6(dot)com