Sample Big6 Onsite Workshop 

This Big6 Professional Development Workshop is designed to introduce classroom teachers, teacher librarians, technology specialists and administrators to concepts and strategies that will help them meet their curriculum related responsibilities.

Curriculum includes the objectives of instruction and the scope and sequence of content. Curriculum relates to the specifics of what is taught, in what order the topics are presented, with what methods and materials the topics are introduced, and how student learning is evaluated.

The school library & information technology program is directly related to the school curriculum. The Big6 Workshop is designed to identify, explain, and evaluate the curriculum related functions of the school library media program. Our program will focus upon (1) the Big6 Skills Approach to integrated information & technology skills instruction, and (2) implementation through Big6 integrated instructional unit and lesson design.


1. Introduction
2. Big6 Overview
3. Big6 in Instructional Context
4. Big6 and Technology
5. Big6 and Instructional Design
6. Closing

Optional alternate topic: Big6 and Assessment


DAY 1:

1. Introduction
2. The Big6 Skills Approach
3. The Big6 and Technology
4. The Big6 and Instructional Unit / Lesson Design
5. Closure

DAY 2:

1. Introduction
2. The Big6 Skills Approach /reviewed – Q & A session
3. The Big6 Lesson Design
4. Show and Share and Reactions
5. The Big6 and Assessment
6. Closure

Customize your workshop with these Big6 related topics:

- Big6 and Technology
- Big6 and State Standards
- Big6 and Instructional Design
- Big6 and Critical Thinking
- Big6 and Assessment
- Big6 and Collaboration
- Big6 and High Stakes Testing
- Big6 and Scope and Sequence Development
- Big6 and Reading

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